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Psychotherapy & Counseling Services
Psychotherapy & Counseling Services

As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, I offer a confidential, safe, healing space of holding as your therapeutic journey unfolds. Many of my clients are on the LGBTQ+ spectrum, struggling with being their authentic selves within the pervasively heteronormative society and culture we live in. People experiencing discrimination or disadvantage within the paradigms of race, class, gender, and sexual orientation are witnessed and supported at Healing Path Psychotherapy. Mental illness, dual diagnosis, and mood disorders are addressed with sensitivity and compassion. Grief work, healing trauma, and belief system/paradigm shift work are just some of the areas in which I offer assistance.

What do you do when you feel as though you were born into a world where you don’t fit in? Where you feel like a freak? Where do you turn when you want to feel whole and you want to belong? You want to be a part of instead of apart from. We are of the same tribe and I look forward to helping you navigate our traditionally hetero-normative, conservative world with more acceptance and support.


Therapy is a process-oriented experience that aims to support you as you navigate your place in this world. I seek to create a safe, non-judgmental therapeutic space where you can land and be seen for who you are, just as you are.


I approach therapy from various lenses including a humanist, feminist, and body-oriented view. When exploring the concerns of my clients, I take into consideration how the socio-political climate and culture impacts us. It is imperative to include the body in the therapeutic process because it directly connects us to our often, fragmented identity. Furthermore, the body is a powerful resource in our healing process and finding safety within our skin is the first step to feeling safe in the world.

Gender identity, expression, and orientation can be taken for granted by hetero-normative therapists who lack awareness of their own cultural biases and unconscious, internalized intolerance. I understand that who you go to bed with is different than who you go to bed as.

Healing Path Equine

In the wild horses pick up on other animal’s energies in order to survive. That instinct is what we use to do equine assisted therapy with clients. The horses are going to pick up on what’s being projected in session and mimic it back to the client, providing a mirror for whatever the client is currently struggling with in their lives. As your facilitator I will make observations of these interactions that help clients heal themselves. 

Individuals, couples, families, and staff seeking teambuilding are some of the people I serve with this kind of therapy. *Please allow at least two weeks to schedule this specialized session.


EAP is an experiential therapy where humans and horses actively engage together, enhancing clients' healing paths toward wholeness.  The intuitive wisdom and sensitivity of these gentle giants and mini ponies allows participants to learn about themselves. There is no riding. All exploration takes place on the ground through activities designed to promote personal growth and somatic awareness of one's abilities to communicate, set boundaries, and emotionally self-regulate with the caring support of equine partners and human facilitators. 




Providing program equines with a safe and nurturing environment as they heal from abandonment and neglect, giving them a new life purpose, as they assist our human clients with their own therapeutic work. 


Providing program equines with a safe and nurturing environment as they heal from abandonment and neglect, giving them a new life purpose, as they assist our human clients with their own therapeutic work. 

Voice Dialogue

Within us all exists hundreds of “selves”, created from a lifetime of cultural programming, family modeling, and the roles we play in our relationships and daily responsibilities throughout the course of our life.


The way that we behave at work is different from the way we are at home, our professional relationships different from interpersonal ones. The “pusher” and “overachiever” selves you leave at the office change seats with the “caretaker” parent you become at home with your child, the “pleaser” you are with your parent and so on. There are selves that we know about within us, and selves that we are not aware of due to them being literally pushed out of our consciousness by the “primary” selves; these are the “disowned” selves which often exist in our subconscious without access to their voices. 

These disowned selves can wreak havoc on our lives; when an identity is not expressed it can retreat to the underworld of the unconscious where it becomes a shadow. This dark side of a personality does not tend to remain in the unconscious where the individual intended to keep it. It communicates with us in varied ways, ever present just below the surface of the persona one wears in public in an attempt to fit into the dominant paradigms of our culture/society.


Voice Dialogue facilitation works as a vehicle to help you understand the myriad of "selves" within you seeking peace and integration. Through Voice Dialogue, you can explore what lives in your unconscious psyche that is causing you pain, discomfort, or blocking your path towards healing and wholeness. 

Sessions can be held in person, over the phone, or with video-calling. To schedule a consultation or book a session, contact me directly.  

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