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I have been studying healing modalities since adolescence, when I first became aware of the need to heal myself on psychological, emotional, spiritual, and physical levels. Homeopathy, aromatherapy, reflexology, astrology, acupuncture, nutrition, somatics, Jungian psychotherapy, dream interpretation, yoga, meditation, metaphysical spirituality and Equine Assisted Psychotherapy are just some of the teachings and experiences I was led to on my healing journey. 

My toolkit is deep and rich with techniques to use and share with you to carry into your life experience, as you build your own emergency/maintenance kit for daily emotional and mental health, regulation and wellbeing. 

I studied counseling psychology from a depth psychological lens at Pacifica Graduate Institute; this was the fulfillment of my ultimate dream of bringing therapeutic depth work to people in need of healing for whom clinical therapy was not enough to create necessary shifts in consciousness and integration at the spiritual level. Through my therapeutic work with clients I have also been able to share my many years of intuitive studies and Voice Dialogue facilitation, assisting people with more alternative methods than traditional talk therapy offers. I have witnessed profound shifts in my clients as they heal emotionally, mentally and at a cellular and soul level. 

Currently running my private practice in Agoura Hills, CA, my specialties include LGBTQ+ and transgender support, managing co-dependency, self-esteem issues, mood disorders and providing parenting strategies. Individual, child play therapy, adolescent, adults, couples and family sessions are available, as well as equine assisted therapy. I look forward to meeting you and beginning your own healing journey! 

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Melanie Moir, LMFT, LPCC

EAGALA Certified

Voice Dialogue Practitioner

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